Monday, February 27, 2012

Float into, Sushi Boat

Recently, my boyfriend and I were driving around to find a snack that appealed to both of our current cravings. The name Sushi Boat seemed to have caught my attention, it was quite hidden in the area and so we decided to park our stomachs there for the night. As we entered the cheerful chefs and staff welcomes you, it was brightly lit and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly.

However it was quite busy Friday night, we had to wait ten minutes for an available table. While we waited, I noticed the way the food was presented and pricing system was quite fascinating. There was an rotating current machine with wooden boats with the chefs in the center placing variations of sushi and foods on them. The food circulates around the room to effectively passes deliver food around the tables. I also noticed, depending on the color and design on each plate, each represents a certain price of the food item. Its simply an grab and eat method, and the bill is determined by the total of different color coordinated plates. They also provide a menu which explains the pricing clearly. There is also an option where you can order a specific item on the menu delivered to your table, if you don't see it being made.

Photos Credit : Anna Hsieh

Being a frequent sushi eater, I find Sushi Boat has great choices for someone who is starting out with the Japanese cuisine. As for myself, I found difficulty finding some choices I had in mind when ordering, because simply they don't have a large variety of items. Although I found that the pieces they did have were very simple, yet delicious, and at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend anyone to try out Sushi Boat, I found that it's a great place to go for snack type foods, considering you can control and limit the portion size you're receiving, instead of ordering too much. I also love that food is being made in front of your eyes and right when you're seated you have food available to you.
I would definitely revisit this location.

Sushi Boat's location is 806 Crowfoot Crescent Northwest, Calgary, AB.
Go here for more detailed directions.

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